Do it Yourself Trigger Point (a/k/a Muscle Knot) Therapy

If you’ve ever received professional trigger point therapy, you may be baffled at how it works. A therapist explores painful areas on the body with fingertips, searching for sore, tender trigger points. Once the trigger point is found, the therapist applies pressure with fingers, knuckles, or an elbow for about seven seconds. At first, clientsContinue reading “Do it Yourself Trigger Point (a/k/a Muscle Knot) Therapy”

Bodywork Etiquette – Guidelines To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Session

Most massage aficionados remember the trepidation that came with their first massage. What should I expect? Will I have to take off my clothes? How much do I tip? For relative newcomers to massage, the prospect of those first visits and their unknowns can be unnerving. Here are some basic bodywork etiquette guidelines to helpContinue reading “Bodywork Etiquette – Guidelines To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Session”

Breathe In, Breathe Out – The Sensation of Breathing

Breathing is the first action we take as an autonomous being, and we continue to do so until we give up this body. From the first breath to the last, we exist dependent upon an energetic exchange between inner and outer environments. Without breath, we perish. We can survive for weeks without food, for daysContinue reading “Breathe In, Breathe Out – The Sensation of Breathing”

Healthy Aging

“The aging of the U.S. population is one of the major public health challenges of the 21st century. With more than 70 million baby boomers in the United States poised to join the ranks of those aged 65 or older, preventing disease and injury is one of the few tools available to reduce the expectedContinue reading “Healthy Aging”

Baby Your Back Pain with Massage!

Anyone with recurring, unyielding back problems knows the beast that is called back pain. While most of us have experienced back pain that comes from overexertion or muscle pulls, the effects of back pain for many can be debilitating, excruciating, and life changing. Experts say back pain accounts for $100 billion in lost productivity andContinue reading “Baby Your Back Pain with Massage!”

No Sweat! – The Many Benefits of Sauna Bathing

When you’re exercising or working diligently, you probably give little thought to the perspiration your body is emitting (except for acknowledging the need for a shower afterward). But behind that odor and sticky shirt are immeasurable benefits for body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps that’s why for thousands of years cultures around the world have triedContinue reading “No Sweat! – The Many Benefits of Sauna Bathing”

The Breath Within the Stone – Understanding the Healing Power of Rock, Part II

Textural Distinction Some stones have a slightly more velvet surface with some non-abrasive edges, while others are silky smooth and perfectly round. It’s like the distinction between velvet and silk. The textured, velvet surfaces are perfect for deep massage as they grip the connective tissue. Their high skin-gripping factor means they don’t slip off theContinue reading “The Breath Within the Stone – Understanding the Healing Power of Rock, Part II”

The Breath Within the Stone – Understanding the Healing Power of Rock, Part 1

Some of the most progressive healers in the world have begun using stones in their massage work — not to replace healing hands, but as an adjunct to traditional massage, facials and healing treatments of all kinds. Stone massage is an ancient, enduring form of therapeutic bodywork using heated and cooled stones as extensions ofContinue reading “The Breath Within the Stone – Understanding the Healing Power of Rock, Part 1”

Listening to Your Body – Movement Is Medicine

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” — Carol Welch, movement educator If we listen, our bodies have a great deal of valuable information to share with us. Our bodies can teach us about ourselves. We are born as physical beings, and yet the older we getContinue reading “Listening to Your Body – Movement Is Medicine”

HOF’s BLOG . . . Massage Medicine: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Welcome to the Hands-of-Faith Blog entitled, MASSAGE MEDICINE: Healing, Mind, Body & Spirit where you will find articles that may challenge your current ideas about healthy thinking, living and being; where you will be the first to learn about upcoming specials and/or training programs; where you can read reviews about us or leave your own.Continue reading “HOF’s BLOG . . . Massage Medicine: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit”