HOF’s BLOG . . . Massage Medicine: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Welcome to the Hands-of-Faith Blog entitled, MASSAGE MEDICINE: Healing, Mind, Body & Spirit where you will find articles that may challenge your current ideas about healthy thinking, living and being; where you will be the first to learn about upcoming specials and/or training programs; where you can read reviews about us or leave your own.

To help you understand more about Holistic Healing, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy and our various massage services, we have compiled several interesting articles and educational videos. Please bear with us as we fine tune our technical skills.



We customize your experience based your personal needs. Whether you require Naturopathic assessment, support and care, Digestive Health support, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing, Health & Wellness coaching, or a combination of services, we invite you to call and schedule your transformation of Mind, Body & Spirit.

2 thoughts on “HOF’s BLOG . . . Massage Medicine: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

  1. Thanks Faith for you amazing healing work! This week I have felt so much better after my session with you; I’m calmer and the pain in my neck has subsided. What a difference! Thank you again for saying yes to doing what you do because you certainly have a gift!
    Peace and love,

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