Energy Medicine – The Importance of Everything

The great Yellow Emperor of China, Huang Di, who ruled in 3000 BC, inquired of his ministers why people’s longevity was half that of those in ancient times. People once lived to be more than 100 years old, remained active and vital and did not show signs of decline now apparent at age 50. IsContinue reading “Energy Medicine – The Importance of Everything”

Embrace the Moment

The American Dream. This phrase draws people to our country by the thousands. The idea that greatness can be achieved, even when starting with nothing, is the touchstone of our Western culture. We live in a society where great value is placed on the external, somewhat elusive notion of “success.” This can sometimes make lifeContinue reading “Embrace the Moment”

What am I Feeling? – The Healing Benefits of Massage

Touch. We come into this world being touched, and we hopefully can leave being touched. Whatever our experiences in this life, touch is usually involved in some form. Each time we are touched, the emotions related to that touch are stored in our mind and in our body’s tissues. We not only store the emotionsContinue reading “What am I Feeling? – The Healing Benefits of Massage”

Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul – News Note

Frankincense (Boswellia sacra spp.) has a long history of intimating peace and well-being. Believed in many religions to bestow divine blessings, this aromatic resin native to Oman has a rich history. In ancient times it was traded for porcelain by the Chinese, used for embalming by the Egyptians, presented to the baby Jesus as aContinue reading “Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul – News Note”

Cheers to Natural Hangover Remedies

Drinking responsibly is important to well-being on several levels. That said, overdoing a holiday celebration is not uncommon, and the morning-after effects can be distinctly unpleasant. Fortunately, there are some effective, natural remedies to get you back in the swing of things: Vitamin B complex: The fatigue and shaky feeling on the morning after areContinue reading “Cheers to Natural Hangover Remedies”

Holiday Stress – Tips to Stay On Top

Here “it” comes — holiday stress. As families negotiate where to spend Thanksgiving, and millions of us are making the empty promise to ourselves to start early on holiday shopping, the anxiety begins to build. And it only gets crazier from here. Choir practice for the kids, family gatherings at every turn, office parties, treksContinue reading “Holiday Stress – Tips to Stay On Top”

Personal Space – Science supports your need for it

You’ve met the type. They take a step toward you in conversation and you take a step back. They advance in your direction and you inch away. The dance continues until you remember a sudden appointment and run for the door, wondering if you are developing claustrophobia. The answer lies in something social scientists callContinue reading “Personal Space – Science supports your need for it”

Fountain of Youth – Increasingly Popular Facial Massage Provides Anti-aging Effects

As a sinus/allergy sufferer, the cherry-on-top moment during my massage always comes when the therapist begins working my face. Tension dissipates quietly and without fuss from my unknowingly tight jowls. There is great sinus relief and passage opening in even the most gentle of strokes across my cheekbones. If I happen to be visiting aContinue reading “Fountain of Youth – Increasingly Popular Facial Massage Provides Anti-aging Effects”

Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More

Appreciation for the massage therapy experience has made new inroads with American consumers–one in six American adults sought out massage therapy in 2006–and more men and Midwesterners than ever are getting massaged. Especially encouraging for the future of massage is 62 percent of people aged 21 to 34 have very favorable to somewhat favorable viewsContinue reading “Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More”