Cheers to Natural Hangover Remedies

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Drinking responsibly is important to well-being on several levels. That said, overdoing a holiday celebration is not uncommon, and the morning-after effects can be distinctly unpleasant. Fortunately, there are some effective, natural remedies to get you back in the swing of things:

  • Vitamin B complex: The fatigue and shaky feeling on the morning after are likely due to a depletion of B vitamins, which are, among other things, responsible for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Nux vomica: This homeopathic remedy also has a long history of righting an upside-down stomach.
  • N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC): An amino acid, NAC contributes to the production of glutathione, which helps flush the body of toxins and alleviates a hangover.

Other tips: Drink lots of water before, during and after the party and eat before drinking. Finally, choose pure alcohol over “dirty” drinks. Vodka, gin and white wine will cause less severe hangovers than scotch, bourbon, red wine and brandy.


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