Ocean Essences – Energy Medicine from the Deep Blue Sea

English: Ocean waves

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
— Genesis 1:2

In the Beginning
Spirit. God. Water. God’s spirit — moving through and on water. How powerful. We are familiar with the power of light — the power of the sun and its lesser lights, the moon and stars. Man is accustomed to looking upward to God to be healed. The ancients sent their prayers aloft in the perfumed smoke of fragrant woods and resins hoping to be heard. We climb mountains and even send up spaceships to meet Him. But the ocean? The ocean, deep, ominous, mysterious, unknown, even terrifying. It holds everything — everything we don’t know, can’t see and can’t reach. This greatest of mysteries surrounds us, holds us and contains the very elements we are made of — our entire evolutionary history. But even more important, the ocean contains incredible healing energy for those very mysteries we hold within ourselves.

Plant Essences — Bach to the Ocean
Dr. Edward Bach, a conventionally trained physician and homeopath, started the 20th century re-emergence of plant-essence traditions. In 1930, he quit his practice and started developing the now famous flower essences that bear his name. In developing these essences, Dr. Bach used both his insightful intuition and his extensive scientific training, providing another example that these perspectives need not be exclusive.

Since that time, many other essences have been prepared. For example, the Flower Essence Society lists more than 100 other essences in their repertory guide. In addition, Sabina Pettit has extended the concept to create essences obtained from plants living at the ocean’s surface (e.g., anemone, sponges). This article discusses the next evolutionary step in this process — the creation of essences from plants that live under great pressure in the ocean’s depths.

Vibrational Essences
Vibrational essences are tinctures which are infused with the unique vibrational imprint or “energy signature” of anything in nature. To our bodies, essences act as gifts that remind us of our spirit and cheer us on to our full creative potential. They help us to recognize our wholeness and to reach the core of disease or imbalance, while assisting our bodies to heal any symptoms. If two people experience the same symptoms, they may not test for the same essences because the core cause of their imbalances are different.

Vibrational essences and humans interact through an instantaneous exchange of information. Our bodies receive essences directly into our cells, bypassing the normal filters of our mental judgement and five senses. In the case of Ocean Essences, this osmotic exchange is heightened even further due to the pressure the plants exist in. As an example, an essence that assists us to act with more compassion and openness, such as Sacred Child of the Ocean, literally triggers our cells to remember compassion. This creates a cascade of memory triggering throughout our systems, bringing not only the memory of compassion, but also the experience as well. In our bodies, what specifically happens is the sheath of energy surrounding our DNA receives the information from the essence’s signature. This energy sheath translates this information for our DNA which can then read it and instruct the cells to alter any unbalanced energy being held inside of them. When we introduce these energy reminders into our bodies often enough, long-lasting changes can take hold, and balance will be maintained.

A Personal Odyssey
Ocean Essences represent a new spectrum or evolution of healing energy. The following account represents my personal odyssey leading to the creation of these new evolutionary products. This spiritually-transforming odyssey also represents a traditional shamanistic intuitive approach to developing vibrational healing essences.

I believe that if we follow our heart and spirit, simple intuition will blossom into physical reality. More than a decade ago, after relinquishing my corporate existence and worldly possessions, I started to travel the planet, intuitively led by my inner spirit. In Australia, I became involved with whale research. This became a life-altering experience, especially the time I spent in the water with these magnificent, 40-ton creatures. Little did I realize then that more than 10 years later these interactions would lead to the development of new forms of energy medicine with great healing potential.

Although nature-derived therapies, such as plant essences, have become increasingly popular, I believe that inevitably, many will lose their efficacy because of nature’s inherent evolutionary tendency. One example of this trend is the increasing emergence of infections resistant to life-saving antibiotics. Where do we turn after we have exhausted the availability and purity of plant potencies found on the surface of the earth? My interactions with whales gave me insight into new methods that may help to extend and maximize the vibrational and energy healing available from nature.

Specifically, it became quite clear that individuals benefit not only from being in water, but from being in water under increased pressure. The structure of the human body can be defined as mostly water (80 percent) contained within and without cell walls. In this model, we have the illusion of separation within the body (cells and interstitial fluids). One way to describe this illusion is to imagine each of our cells as similar to a fully-closed glass bubble or fish bowl in the ocean. As the water within the glass bubble or fish bowl is separate from the water in the ocean, the consciousness associated with each cell will appear separated from its neighboring cell. Pressure is the key to shattering the walls of the enclosed glass bubble or fish bowl, releasing its contents to a greater level of consciousness.

Human consciousness is but a drop in the ocean. It is nature that knows the inherent order and balance that exists in all things.

We have discovered through actual experience that by increasing the pressure between the outside and inside of the cells, it is possible for an individual to obtain a new level of consciousness, and manifest greater levels of openness, awareness and balance. For many of us, what often evolves after a high pressure personal crisis is a new and expanded perspective of reality.

My insights were consistent with my observation that most scuba divers who spent a great deal of time under water and under increased pressure seemed to have greater personal balance than the average individual.

I started to remember some of the significance water had played in the ancient mysteries. The symbol of Jesus was a fish, and ancient Baptism rites had long held importance with water. I even recalled the biblical quote: “One can not enter the kingdom of heaven if not by water and the spirit.”

We often refer to the earth as the primordial mother. I began to consider the possibility that if the earth is our mother, could not the ocean be the womb space from which all new birth is conceived? In fact, the salinity of the human womb is the same as that of the world’s oceans.

Deeper Truths

Over time, I experienced a series of holographic and miraculous circumstances demonstrating the relationship between pressure, water, the human body and nature — one I had first learned of more than 10 years earlier. I became aware that some of the “deeper truths” about restoring new levels of holographic balance in the human body lay with the plants that exist deep within the ocean — “deep” as in 175-300 feet. Living at 1 level atmosphere of pressure, human beings have not yet attained the balance that allows ocean plants to naturally and organically maintain equilibrium under extreme conditions of 9 to 10 atmospheres of pressure. These greater levels of pressure are significant in that they actually assist in the creation of homeostasis.

I knew that some of the plants at these depths held the keys to dissolving issues plaguing so many individuals in these rapidly changing times. These realizations inspired me to consider additional and highly specialized dive training which would allow me to go to depths of 200 feet and greater. This training is called Technical Diving. I instinctively knew that what I was about to embark upon would bring with it new implications for co-creative science. I had gained experience with flower essences and gem elixirs eight years earlier. However, I knew that the potential from the oceans offered a unique extension of energetic medicine, and that in all that was unfolding, I was co-creating with nature, in a way that was beyond anything my mind could conceive.

Technical Dive Training
The ability to scuba dive to depths of 200 feet and more is a highly specialized skill. Less than 1 percent of the world’s scuba diving populace have mastered the skills to do this. Just 10 years ago, these were uncharted waters in many ways. Because of the significant depth, it is necessary to breathe a blend of helium, oxygen and nitrogen. Multiple tanks of varying mixtures of oxygen are necessary to minimize decompression time (the time needed to return safely to the surface). It is necessary to learn complex technical algorithms and to develop highly refined scuba diving skills.

The specialized training required to do Technical Diving at these depths was a unique experience requiring what I might describe as an alchemical process. Alchemy is best defined as a method or power of transmutation where several elements can miraculously change into another or something else. I needed to become conditioned to staying calm and handling the most life-threatening conditions and intricate details with ease. The alchemy emerged in that while maintaining focus there was a necessity to retain the conviction that I was totally supported and suspended in the balance of nature. In other words, it was necessary to be intuitively directed — both focused and unattached at the same time.

Needless to say, I questioned my ability to do this. Invariably, after moments of doubt there would be a miraculous flow and realignment, and tasks would be completed with great ease. If I had not been documenting this, I might not have noticed an emerging pattern. The greatest openings and gifts always came after I believed that things were falling apart and seemingly hopeless. Put this way, all expressions of co-creation are born from a place of emptiness. This same place is often described as the void. In metaphysical terms, it is the place where nothing exists, but from which all manifestations occur.

Ocean Harvest: Mysteries Revealed
The collection of plant samples from these ocean depths constantly revealed themselves as the unfolding of some greater mysteries. In Hawaii, for example, the collection process revealed two unique algae/plant samples. In addition to the samples however, the dive also led to the discovery of a physical ceremonial altar and statue of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, holding a child to her heart. Both these structures resided at 180 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, in the sandy bottom of the channel of Pearl Harbor. This is particularly noteworthy because Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor marks a significant place and time in WWII history. Who better to reside in such a place, but the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion? It was clear there was wisdom hidden in these depths that was beyond logical explanation.

As a holistic practitioner, I also believe there are a number of associations that show an interrelationship between the plants deep within the ocean, and what is experienced in the womb prior to birth. It is almost as if these components of nature can assist to re-set the human body’s karmic patterns so we can better remember the purity and alignment to “Source” we had known prior to birth and social programming. In our previous analogy of the enclosed glass bubble or closed fish bowl within the ocean, our consciousness represents the fish within the bowl. The fish believe they exist in their own contained environment. When the enclosed glass bubble shatters, there is an epiphany-like realization of the universe’s infinite expression. This realization and its acceptance as the Ocean of God can evolve into a transcendental spiritual experience in which all-imprisoning concepts and paradigms disappear and are replaced by ultimate truth. This represents the ultimate mind/body spirit balancing.

I feel ocean plants hold keys to dissolving some of the issues — such as anger, fear, lack of self worth, survival and trust in life’s evolutionary process — plaguing people in today’s rapidly changing times. These seemingly overwhelming concerns can be dissolved into the infinite expression of God, similar to a sugar cube dissolving into water. The sugar merges with the whole.

Healing with Ocean Essences
A total of nine Ocean Essences have been created with the guidance and assistance from nature. They have come from five different oceans in the world.

Essences are usually prepared from a sun infusion of the plants in a bowl of water. This mother tincture is further diluted (potentized) and preserved with pure grain alcohol. Because virtually no physical aspects (oil, plant detritus, etc.) get transferred into the final preparation, essences cannot be compared to herbal preparations.

Traditionalists often prepare essences through an intuitive, metaphysical process. This process is called “co-creative science” because one connects with the plant’s consciousness and nature to intuit the essence’s preparation method and properties. The preparations of Ocean Essences are based on this tradition.

Essences are commonly administered by placing several drops under the tongue or in bath water. In the case of the Ocean Essences, massage therapists have further extended usage and report significant benefits for clients when several drops are placed on the therapist’s hands before sessions. Furthermore, acupuncturists who tested the Ocean Essences have suggested that potential benefits may accrue by dipping acupuncture needles in specific essences before insertion. To allow their fullest expression, essences should be used consistently over a 30-day period.

Americans are rediscovering the power of nature to heal. These incredibly changing times require significant personal challenges to maintain peace and tranquility in the midst of the overall pressure in life. This is the gift of the Ocean Essences. Specifically, the life and balance of their source is maintained under high-pressure conditions. They impart this knowledge of homeostasis, balance and wholeness into each individual they touch.

By Elan O’Brien an energy teacher, speaker and founder of The Essence of Creation. She is the co-creator, with nature, of vibrational essences derived from plants found deep within the world’s oceans, as well as a line of Peruvian Essences, from the mountains and jungles of Peru, which can be combined with the Ocean Essences. The creation of these essences are the culmination of more than 10 years work in holistic and energy healing, deep sea diving, world travel, and work with whales and dolphins in the wild. She travels extensively to obtain new essences, and teaches workshops and classes in energetic medicine. To contact O’Brien for product information, orders and workshop dates, please write to P.O. Box 990, Indian Hills, CO, 80454, or call 303/697-8811. You can also e-mail her at elanobrien@aol.com.

The author would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of Dr. Laurance Johnston, Pam Parson, Caroline Walker and Joy Balsam.

 Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, April/May 2000.
Copyright 2003. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

The Nine Ocean Essences

Sacred Hope of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al-jalil (sanskrit names for God) at the depth of 200 feet through coral growing at the base of the sunken Crystal Pyramid off the coast of Belize. At 200 feet, the structures of fear dissolve and fall away. In honoring that even in fear, God resides, we are able to replace the structure of fear with the state of knowing. This essence allows us to dissolve the structures of fear which freeze and contract our actions and beliefs. In dissolving fear, we are made more available to feel love.

Sacred Child of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al qayyum at the depth of 180 feet, this essence comes to us from the arms of the physical manifestation of the Goddess Kuan Yin holding the child at the bottom of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. “She who hears the weeping world” is the goddess of mercy and compassion. It teaches us that all exists as God and opening us to the wonder and innocence of the child within…the wonderment of the co-creation being made manifest. It also supports the process of birthing mercy and compassion within ourselves.

Sacred Pearl of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al-hassib at the depth of 180 feet in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor, the Pearl comes to us as a gift from Pele, the Fire Goddess of Creation. It offers the blending alchemy of fire and water to bring us into a state of understanding pure consciousness, and that we are co-creators with God, nature and life itself. It assists us to be comfortable in doing our own unique piece, and be in acceptance that we are part of the bigger picture unfolding.

Sacred Kiss of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al-rahman at the depth of 175 feet off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Sacred Kiss comes to us as the Pure Light of the Feminine Essence of Light. It brings us into the consciousness and the understanding of the teaching “No one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born again…of water and the spirit”…where the Spirit is the trinity created by the perfect blending of Love and Light, the twin flames of life. This serves as the merkabah or light vehicle of universal life or nature. It is particularly useful for those who are in relationships and assists to support in the changing forms of “re-elating” in love.

Sacred Strength of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al-ghani at the depth of 210 feet off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Sacred Strength comes to us from the atmosphere where the structure of “need” is absolved, bringing us into the awareness that all is contained within the whole. It also supports the understanding of the teaching “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened.” It assists us to know that in “letting go,” all our needs will be met.

Sacred Ocean Angel of Passage
Where: Vibrating to Al-munit at the depth of 210 feet off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the Sacred Angel of Passage comes to open the passageway between death and rebirth. It supports understanding the cycles of death and rebirth and the knowing that matter cannot be created or destroyed, it simply undergoes transformation. All death is simply a doorway to transformation. This is particularly a good essence for anyone who is in transition, and for their family or friends.

Sacred Womb of the Ocean
Where: Vibrating to Al-ahad at the depth of 261 feet off the coast of Ft, Lauderdale, Fla., Sacred Womb of the Ocean is the birthplace of all that moves from the formless into the form. It presents us with a doorway into the void, the center of the universe, the heart of the great mystery which contains the pregnant void of creation and exists beyond the enormous bright light people see in near-death experiences. Total peace lies within the void. It is the space that is unknown and unknowable because it contains all that has not yet taken on energy or developed form. This is the place of unlimited possibilities. It is an essence which particularly assists people in being comfortable with “emptying out” in order to maximize new and previously unrealized creative potential.

Sacred Ocean Truth of Atlantis
Where: Vibrating to Ar-rahmin from the Atlantean waters of Bimini, Sacred Truth of Atlantis facilitates extended expression of cellular wisdom attuned not only to the crystal energies, but the plant energies. These connect beyond the cosmic consciousness to the evolved heart of creation. They assist to move beyond the mind, allowing it to empty to anchor more fully in the heart. This essence is particularly useful for those who have difficulty getting “out of their head, and into their heart.”

Sacred Ocean Seven Veils Completed
Where: Vibrating to Ar-rahim, the Sacred Seven Veils Completed is from the Lemurian waters of the Pacific, and holds the “as above so below balancer,” then honors the wisdom of Lemuria, raised to the height of new expression. This allows ease in ascending to greater expressions of self within the balanced harmony of nature. It facilitates people to come out of the womb of creation and be in acceptance with the emptiness from which the inherent order of nature can be made visible in form, transcending all former beliefs and illusions. This essence is particularly useful at the beginning stages of a project, or at the onset of a large task. It is often best used following Sacred Womb of the Ocean to assist in manifesting the creative spark in a new form.

By Elan O’Brien


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