Just when you thought Agave sweetener was good for you!

Lantanagurl's Rambling Mind

When we moved to Southern California from Washington, D.C., we discovered agave syrup. I was excited because I wrestle with blood sugar irregularities, and agave is often touted for its low glycemic index—meaning that it is relatively low in glucose, and therefore does not raise blood sugar as much as other types of sugar or provoke as much of an insulin response.

And because agave syrup is a popular sugar substitute in the raw food community, I guess I was naive enough to think that someone was squeezing agave leaves into a jar somewhere, making what I assumed was a minimally-processed, “healthier” sweetener.

Well… I spend a lot of time researching where my food comes from and it is very important to me to buy whole, least-processed foods, and to limit my family’s sugar intake. So, what I learned about agave syrup was very disheartening.

UPDATE: The Glycemic Research Institute

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