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Muladhara chakra is shown as having four petal...
Muladhara chakra is shown as having four petals, bearing the Sanskrit letters va, scha, sha, and sa. The seed sound in the center is lam. The tattwa of Earth is shown (here in outline) as a yellow square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In ayurvedic medicine, we are taught the physical body has a matching energy body. This energy body, as many of you know, is represented by a set of chakras. I’d like you to begin to think of your business as its own energy system, too. Author Caroline Myss introduced this idea in The Science of Medical Intuition. She says any business or project has its own set of chakras.

How is this helpful? Well, energy healers use the chakra system to understand how the body is out of balance. They can make changes to the body by rebalancing the energy systems, often helping physical symptoms in the process.

This concept means we may be able to diagnose our business problems by visualizing the business’ energy body and looking for weakness and imbalance. Once we find a chakra that needs help, we can work on it energetically and physically, perhaps by forging ahead in new directions with our plans, activities, and partnerships.

The Chakras of Your Business
Let’s examine each chakra from the ayurvedic system and see how it relates to a business.

The root chakra shows how grounded your business is. This chakra almost always points back to a good business plan and a clear vision for the practice. Do you know what you want to accomplish with this business? How you want to change the world? A well-grounded business is one that is true to its purpose and role in the universe.

The second chakra in the abdomen is about feelings and creativity. When a business grows stale, this chakra can have problems. Often, businesses that seem quite successful have a weak second chakra, because the business owner is content to ride the waves of the current situation and not inject any creativity into it. The second chakra is a great early warning system for this problem.

The third chakra, in the solar plexus, is about power. The power of a business lies in its connections. As they say, “It’s who you know.” A business must be connected to other businesses in order to be powerful. For instance, strong connections to doctors who refer their patients to you will help this chakra. Networking with fellow bodyworkers will strengthen this chakra as well.

The fourth chakra is about compassion and relationships. This chakra also needs to be strengthened with connections to other people and businesses. However, this chakra is especially sensitive to how the business reacts to the pain of others. For instance, when the executives of a large company like Enron purposely took money away from its customers, its employees, and its stockholders, that was a big fourth chakra issue. A business that is involved in charity work, in partnerships with nonprofits, and donating money to other organizations will be strong in this area.

The throat is the seat of the fifth chakra. This chakra is about the voice of the business and often has a lot to do with marketing. It can also be about connecting the business to solving a true problem in society — not just “in it for the money.” Your business’ fifth chakra problems may be related to connecting the business with the problem it solves and then broadcasting that message to the right people.

The third eye, sixth chakra, represents insight and vision. It is also connected with the brain and self-image. Some businesses (and businesspeople) seem to have an intuitive ability to succeed. When that occurs, we have a strong third eye. There are a few different things to do when this chakra is weak, but the best place to start is to strengthen the other chakras first, because until the business plan is clear and the problem well-articulated, the third eye will have problems. Once the other chakras are in good shape, we can work on making the insight and business intuition of your practice more intense and focused.

Finally, we look at the crown chakra — the center of divinity. For an individual, this chakra is her connection to spirit — the same can be said for a business. And this connection relates to the people who participate in the business — owners and employees. If they are meditating or practicing spirituality in their everyday lives, they will have a fighting chance of pulling this level of spirituality into the business. If not, the individuals need to work on their own connections first, then focus on the business. Is the business accomplishing a spiritual goal? With many bodywork practices, the spiritual connection is quite strong because many bodyworkers go into this business to express their love, humanity, and spirituality.

Diagnosing Business Problems — A Meditation
Here’s a short process to allow you to diagnose the problems of your business. So often, when I talk to bodyworkers, they lament, “My practice just isn’t busy enough.” But what does that mean? Why is it occurring? The following meditative exercise can help give you some clues to the underlying reasons.

First, find a comfortable chair, and put your body at ease. Take five deep breaths, and feel yourself relaxing. Imagine a human body representing your business lying horizontally in mid-air. The body is alive, but seems to be asleep or resting. The figure may be a man or woman. Now, see the chakras begin to appear slowly in each of the seven places in the body. They slowly melt into place, and you can see the energy revolving inside the body and out in front as well.

Now, look for problem areas in the energy flow. All your business’ chakras should be colorful and bright. The root chakra should be pulsing a beautiful red. The second chakra should give off an orange light. Third: yellow. Fourth: green. Fifth: blue. Sixth: purple. The crown chakra might be a little harder to see — it may be white or clear.

Problem areas might be reflected as discoloration, or they might be weakness in energy. As Caroline Myss says, use your own intuition to determine what colors or signs signify problems. For one person, a gray chakra might mean big problems, but for another, it might mean little.

As you can visualize problems in particular areas, note them in your mind, and bring yourself back to an awakened state. Then, diagnose them in detail. If you noticed a weakness in the third chakra, does this mean you should join the Chamber of Commerce or that you should call a few chiropractors to discuss referrals? Go through the chakras one by one and determine what you might be able to do — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — about the problems.

This exercise is meant to be a fun process for you when you’re tired of looking at spreadsheets and thinking about money, client load, and expenses. Use it to complement the business practices you already use, not to replace them. And have a good time reenergizing your business.

By Daryl Kulak president of the Simplicity Institute, an online business school for the holistic healthcare community. His goal is to help holistic practitioners overcome the fear of the “business side” of their practices. He can be reached at 614/306-3477 or by e-mail at



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