Synchronicity – The phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences!

What if I told you that this blog was written especially for you? Would you believe me? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s okay, we’ve only just met. But here’s the thing: I know that right now, in this moment, by some miracle, of all the places you could be and of all the things you could be doing, you are reading this blog. You are spending your time with me. That makes me happy. And since we are here, I want to invite you to consider the possibility that it’s not an accident or a coincidence.

Life and the Universe have a funny way of bringing us to the exact people, places, circumstances, and messages that our souls are calling for at the right time. It could be a phone call from a long-lost friend we’ve been thinking about, a timely financial windfall when we need it most, a seemingly random meeting at a social event that leads to the perfect job opportunity, or a poignant bumper sticker—the possibilities are endless.

This phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences is called synchronicity. It’s like a wink from the cosmos, a nudge from above to let us know that we’re on the right path and that we’re supported in the pursuit of our dreams and highest aspirations.

When it comes to synchronicity, we do have a part to play and the all-important variable that we are in control of is FAITH. We have to BELIEVE that our dreams are real. We have to TRUST that anything is possible. We have to KNOW that every little action we take on behalf of our dreams is supported by unseen forces that are working for us and with us. Even when times get tough and all signs point to giving up, we have to dig deeper and find the faith to keep going.

When our faith is strong, it colors our perceptions and allows us to see the interconnectedness of everything in our lives, even in our most challenging moments. We begin to understand that there’s a reason for the way our life is unfolding even though it may not always be immediately apparent. A job lost creates space for a better job. A relationship ending gives way to a new beginning and a chance for big love. A resounding “NO” means there’s an even more exciting “YES” coming our way.

I was visiting Los Angeles this past week working on a few upcoming projects and I met some amazing people while I was there. I’ve been dying to see the new Bob Marley movie and after a busy week of meetings and social engagements, my plan was to take it easy and go watch it with a friend on my last night. That day I got two totally separate invitations to go to a live music event instead. As much as I was feeling tired and more in the mood to see the movie, I couldn’t deny the call of two (seemingly) random invites to the same place so I decided to go see what it was all about. And just in case I wasn’t getting the message, my friend called to let me know she couldn’t go to the movie anymore. Within five minutes of getting to the venue, I saw two people I had connected with earlier on in the trip, one of whom I had met with that morning and the other whom I was really hoping to catch up with again because we didn’t exchange contact info at our first meeting. Seeing each other at the show allowed us to hang and solidify the connection that had already been made. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the way in which I was so clearly led to that situation. I also ended up introducing the two people who invited me only to find out that they had met before and their reconnecting sparked a conversation about a possible joint venture!

When we tune in to the synchronicity of life, when we look with the eyes of faith and listen with the ears of trust, we begin to experience the undeniable truth that we are all connected, that there is rhyme and reason to the way life flows, and that each and every one of us is accounted for. We begin to know without a doubt that we ALL have something special and unique to offer the world. We begin to see clearly that the more we act on our dreams and vision for our lives, the more we will be helped by forces much greater than we are.

So today, right now, in this moment, I want to tell YOU that your dreams are real and that YOU have something special to offer the world that nobody else has. The path you are traveling may be the more challenging one but don’t lose faith, don’t listen to the doubters, don’t let setbacks keep you down—and most of all, don’t give up. Keep at it and you will be guided and supported. Keep taking action toward what you believe in and tune in to the beautiful synchronicities that come to your aid and encourage you along the way. You are on the right path!

Thanks for spending time with me. I really did write this blog for YOU

Chris Assaad is a man on a mission with an unwavering commitment to spreading Peace, Love, and Inspiration around the globe. Chris is a singer/songwriter and inspirational artist from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to pursue his dream of a career in music. Since then, Chris has been actively using his voice to enCOURAGE others to follow their dreams, express their creativity and live life to the fullest.

You can listen to and download Chris’s latest release “Into The Light”  for FREE here and find him on Facebook or Twitter.

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