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HDR from Berg, Tromsø, Norway

In her new book, Divine Demons: Reclaiming the Power of Your Own Destiny, Carla J. Berg challenges you, the reader, to conjure up issues that have kept you locked in the same old life-long patterns, look them in the eye, and let them go. The result? Manifesting the life you came to live. In this excerpt, Berg explores the law of similars — like begets like — and how this concept can turn your world around.

Energy attracts like energy, which means we attract energy at the same frequency as our [own] vibration. If we think, feel, and act in ways of love and trust, we attract love and trust. If we think, feel, and act in ways of fear and doubt, we attract fear and doubt. Thoughts of worry, which are fear-based, attract the very thing we are worried about. Wherever we focus our attention is what we attract.

Here’s a simple way to look at it. Whatever thoughts, beliefs, or feelings I hold are like energetic wishes that I send out to the universe — and the universe always grants my wishes. The universe always says, “Yes.” If I believe (consciously or unconsciously) that “I’ll never get what I want in life,” the universe replies, “Yes, Carla, you never get what you want in life.” The events and circumstances of my life will reflect that. If I let go of that belief and replace it with, “I deserve to have everything I want and need,” the universe responds in kind, “Yes, Carla, you deserve to have everything you want and need.” And the events of my life will shift accordingly.

So the key to creating the life you want is to send out the energy of what you desire so you attract it into your life.

Making It Happen
If it is as simple as energetically sending out our desires, why does it seem so difficult, or even impossible, to manifest exactly what we want? To manifest our desires, we must have no conflicting beliefs blocking the way. If there is an area of your life that is unsatisfying, a deeper look will uncover unconscious beliefs that conflict with your conscious desires.

The Divine Demons tool guides you through the process of bringing beliefs to the surface, releasing the emotion around them, and replacing them with new beliefs that bring a more satisfying experience. In a sense, the Divine Demons process erases or dissolves the unwanted strands of [fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs] and replaces them with strands that support and attract our desires.

By Carla J. Berg

Originally published in Skin Deep, December/January 2005.
Copyright 2005. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

Reprinted with permission of Carla J. Berg, copyright 2003. To order Divine Demons or for more information, visit



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