Our language reflects our consciousness like a pure mirror.

The words we use, the exclamations, the metaphors and similes all indicate the vibrational space from which we inhabit and create.

Traffic today was a bitch!

I’m going to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’

Listen to the vibration of your words and phrases. Is it possible to live from a truth of equality if your exclamations contain an encoded sexism? Can you live the vibration of peace if your language is violent?

My job is killing me!

This sucks!

Perhaps you have experiences that suck the life out of you or that truly are killing you. Such proclamations are dramatic and prophetic. Are you speaking what is true? Hear yourself.

What we speak is the truth for us. We create truth from our words.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God spoke the world into existence. Truly, we speak our worlds into existence as well. Even more importantly, we speak ourselves into existence.

Saying that you are ugly, and yes, you now increase your unattractiveness. Saying that you’re intelligent, and yes, if this is what you speak as a descriptor of yourself, you’ll embody and become intelligence. Likewise, saying that you’re not good at math, can’t find a good job, will never meet any good men or women, have a terrible singing voice, are not photogenic, and, yes, all of those things WILL be true for you.

You’ve declared it, and it is so.

This is why affirmations are so powerful. I am… It’s a powerful opportunity to define who you are. Who you say you are is who you become. Watch this with children and you’ll see the alchemy is almost instantaneous. A child who hears that they are stupid and who starts to internalize “I am stupid” struggles. Schools are full of such children. A child who hears that they look pretty when they are all dressed up or that they are good when they are quiet, easily takes on conditions and rules to define their worthiness.

Likewise, a child who is told they are exceptional and who believes it excels. A child who is affirmed for their individuality and unique personality blooms in full expression.

And, though you are no longer a child, it is that simple. What you hear and believe about yourself alchemizes into your internal dialogue and is just as potent today. Also, what you heard and believed about yourself as a child may still pervade the definitions you currently hold of who you are.

Remember back to those early moments when someone spoke a definition of you that you then believed as true. What did your mother or father say about you? How did they define you? What did your siblings say was true about you? Your teachers? Your friends?

You may have shed some of these old definitions, yet notice which ones are still part of your inner dialogue. Some may have served you well; some may no longer be serving you. Refuse all negations. Embrace all affirmations—even revising them into more powerful, updated versions of the self you are willing to become. This is standing on the edge of consciousness, writing the future, and you—yes, you—have that power!

Life Coach Jessica Colp helps people wake up, listen to their intuition, and be who they came to Earth to be. Jessica loves teaching classes on spiritual skills and consciousness—the stuff you weren’t taught in school but that you really do need to know for your earth ride! To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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