Begin this year with your best self . . .

As we enter the first full week of 2013, let us do so without dragging our worries, fears and baggage from last year along with us. Instead, let us declare affirmatively that it is finally time to overcome those dreadful habits. The following link will provide you with some find your calling #3excellent tips to get you started “The Draining Worry Habit and How to Overcome It

Additionally, one of my favorite quotes about worry is:

“Worry is simply a habit of focusing on what you do not want” – Anonymous

Instead, let us focus on those things that we do want . . .  those things that we want to materialize in our lives this year. But how do you begin focusing on what we want instead of what we don’t want? We can begin by writing down the things we want. In that way we “memorialize” them. I just love the sound of the term “memorialize” because it conjures up feelings of lasting memories, doesn’t it? We want to remember that which makes us feel good and be and do our best and forget that which makes us feel bad or drains our energy.

So let us begin by writing down those things that make us truly happy, or those things that truly motivate us to do and be our best?  Then break those “THINGS” down into weekly goals. Then one at a time, begin “doing” those things that you have memorialized.  At the What matters most is how you see yourself - Lionend of this week, I challenge you to be happy with your accomplishments.

Another quote I love is “inch by inch it’s a cinch”.  Before you know it, inch by inch and step by step, you will be living the life you have memorialized!

If you are wondering about your current state of happiness, please take the following Objective Happiness Quiz

To Your Holistic Health! ™




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