Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy

“I was born with music in me.” So said Ray Charles, and I believe it of myself as well. My music is a melody of “fragrant” chords, the essence of plants. They are music for my nose, mind, and spirit. I cannot remember the precise moment when I became aware of my acute ability toContinue reading “Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy”

Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul – News Note

Frankincense (Boswellia sacra spp.) has a long history of intimating peace and well-being. Believed in many religions to bestow divine blessings, this aromatic resin native to Oman has a rich history. In ancient times it was traded for porcelain by the Chinese, used for embalming by the Egyptians, presented to the baby Jesus as aContinue reading “Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul – News Note”

Snuffing the Desire – Natural Ways to Curb Smoking

Addiction experts say smoking is a habit more formidable than cocaine or heroin. Of the 46 million American adults who indulge, close to three-quarters of them say they want to quit, and nearly half of those hooked make at least one annual attempt to curb the habit. Yet even when their addiction confines them toContinue reading “Snuffing the Desire – Natural Ways to Curb Smoking”

Holistic Aromatherapy – Using Essential Oils to Achieve Balance

Using aromatherapy to balance your whole being will not only affect the health of your   body, mind, and spirit, it will undoubtedly affect the health of your business as well. When you experience renewed vigor and harmony within, it’s hard for your career to not reflect the results, too. Back Compress 4 drops Black PepperContinue reading “Holistic Aromatherapy – Using Essential Oils to Achieve Balance”

Erasing Borders – Mexican and American Healers Share a Vision of the Millennium – Part II

Parasympathetic shock makes us withdraw. It resembles what animals do when they are attacked and “play dead.” Systems used for protection and defense shut down. This happens when the animal, or the human being, feels overpowered by the threat. Naturally, the skin turns white as the system drains its resources in order to survive. WhenContinue reading “Erasing Borders – Mexican and American Healers Share a Vision of the Millennium – Part II”

Aromatic Solutions for Pain – Herbs & Aromatherapy

Pain is an unpleasant reality for many people. From the healthiest to the unhealthiest, we all find ourselves in pain’s grip at one time or another. Whether your pain is self-inflicted from exuberant weekend warrior syndrome, brought on by the stresses of today’s world, or a symptom of serious disease or physical states, there areContinue reading “Aromatic Solutions for Pain – Herbs & Aromatherapy”

Summer’s Natural/Alternative Medicine Chest

Summer has arrived, meaning everyone’s spending more time outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, and traveling. However, sunburn, bug bites, and motion sickness often go hand-in-hand with these seasonal activities. Below are several natural remedies to help ease those acute issues and get on with enjoying the pleasures of summertime. Sunburn Aloe (Aloe vera), applied topically,Continue reading “Summer’s Natural/Alternative Medicine Chest”

Age is a State of Mind – Baby Boomers Combat Aging with Bodywork

Massage therapy can play an important role in aging well and remaining youthful and healthy. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, preventing disease and injury is critical to reducing the expected growth of health-care costs headed our way, as more than 70 million U.S. baby boomers cross the 60-year-old threshold. Moreover,Continue reading “Age is a State of Mind – Baby Boomers Combat Aging with Bodywork”

The Healing Effects of “Massage Mind”

I used to sit at the edge of the ocean to find my rhythm. When planning my annual vacations, it was the water that called me–not so much to be in it, but to be by it. Maternal and soothing, the comings and goings of the tide was my “reset” button–you know, the one thatContinue reading “The Healing Effects of “Massage Mind””

Energy Medicine: A Field of Potential – Part I

The “unknowns” of energy medicine are the aspects that make it seem unusual, unique, and — unquantifiable. The very things that make the work profound are also the things that have kept much of the medical establishment at arm’s length on this side of the world. Now, as science is slowly proving out what energyContinue reading “Energy Medicine: A Field of Potential – Part I”