Taking Time Out for Yourself: The Only Way to Conquer Stress and Its Effects

In today’s world, we all have countless demands on our time and energy. Obligations from work, education, family, church, and countless other outside factors all pile up and lead to never-ending stress. This burden of stress creates imbalances in our bodies which manifest themselves in different ways. Acne breakouts, digestive irregularity, aches and pains, tensionContinue reading “Taking Time Out for Yourself: The Only Way to Conquer Stress and Its Effects”

Our language reflects our consciousness like a pure mirror.

The words we use, the exclamations, the metaphors and similes all indicate the vibrational space from which we inhabit and create. Traffic today was a bitch! I’m going to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ Listen to the vibration of your words and phrases. Is it possible to live from a truth of equality ifContinue reading “Our language reflects our consciousness like a pure mirror.”

Touching the Unborn – How Energy Therapy Can Be Applied In Utero

Most mothers will tell you that as a child begins to develop within the womb, he feels the effects of her life decisions. Live a stressful life, and the unborn child is sure to fight back. Indulge in food or drink, and that baby will play havoc with your body throughout the night. Be filledContinue reading “Touching the Unborn – How Energy Therapy Can Be Applied In Utero”

Researching Reiki – Moving Energy Forward in the Scientific Realm

With its simplicity and gentleness, reiki is capturing the attention of the traditional medical field as a practical, effective component of integrative care. Not all complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches are without contraindications, and some not so easily adapted to administration during procedures such as in acute trauma situations or surgery. Reiki, a subtleContinue reading “Researching Reiki – Moving Energy Forward in the Scientific Realm”

Reiki, Simple and Profound – A Balancing Practice for Client and Therapist

What is reiki, how does it work, and how can it benefit bodywork practitioners, both personally and professionally? The concept for this article began with a newly published book, written by reiki master Pamela Miles, simply titled Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide. I had collaborated with Miles a few years back when reporting on a reikiContinue reading “Reiki, Simple and Profound – A Balancing Practice for Client and Therapist”

Awakening the Senses – Rediscovering Ourselves

It is through our bodies that we experience life. It is through our physical self that we can awaken to whom we truly are. How do we do this? Through our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch — each sense is a doorway inviting us to rediscover the pleasure and rewards of being in ourContinue reading “Awakening the Senses – Rediscovering Ourselves”

How to Wildly Succeed in Your Life’s Work

Tama Kieves was a Harvard-trained corporate lawyer doing what Harvard-trained corporate lawyers are “supposed” to do, when she realized her soul wanted to write books and poetry and help people find what their souls longed to do. Her first book, This Time I Dance, is one of my absolute favorites, and I love it so much IContinue reading “How to Wildly Succeed in Your Life’s Work”

Easing the Menopausal Journey – Life Span

After months of hot flashes, fatigue, and irritability, oftentimes the last thing a woman in the throes of menopause wants is to be touched. Yet, this is exactly when a woman needs to experience touch, especially massage and bodywork. When she most needs to be nurtured, comforted, and reminded of her beauty and inner spirit,Continue reading “Easing the Menopausal Journey – Life Span”

Down the Rabbit Hole – A Look at Energy Work

Like a first kiss, I will never forget my first experience with energy work. I had only been exposed to the massage and bodywork profession for one month before attending a polarity conference, in Colorado. I had done my homework, chosen the courses I wanted to attend, made myself familiar with the players and theirContinue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole – A Look at Energy Work”

Energy Work for Children – From Colic To Calm

You already know about the power of massage and may even have exposed your children to its gentle ways. Maybe you’ve been educated in infant massage yourself so as to offer touch to your child when it can be most effective — after baths, before bedtime, or when cradling your colicky baby in the middleContinue reading “Energy Work for Children – From Colic To Calm”