Seeking Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers – Life Span–Chasing the Pain Away

Arthritis is an insidious disease, eating its way into the joints of nearly 70 million Americans, or nearly one out of every three U.S. adults. It is considered one of our most prevalent chronic health problems, costing the economy more than $124 billion in healthcare and lost wages each year.1 One of the more unnervingContinue reading “Seeking Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers – Life Span–Chasing the Pain Away”

Close to Home – A staycation is creative leisure

If you are resolving to take better care of yourself in the coming year but find the prospect of a full-blown vacation too expensive, consider taking the “bloom-where-you-are-planted” approach and stay home. Traditionally, time off has meant time away, but economics and a new appreciation for simplicity are creating a trend in home-based vacations. ThisContinue reading “Close to Home – A staycation is creative leisure”

Collision and Consciousness – The Frontiers of Healing

An estimated 4 million Americans are involved in automobile accidents each year. The fallout from these accidents can end marriages, abort love affairs, steal body parts, damage families, and arouse hatred and terror, punctuating the life stories of one in every four Americans. We are more exposed and vulnerable in our cars than in anyContinue reading “Collision and Consciousness – The Frontiers of Healing”

Massage Multiplied – Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency

What kind of massage client are you? Do you make an appointment after someone has given you a massage gift certificate? Do you try to get in every now and then for a stress-relieving tune-up? Or do you see your therapist religiously–once a week, every three weeks, once a month? While getting a massage–regardless ofContinue reading “Massage Multiplied – Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency”

More Than A Luxury – The Lifelong Value of Massage Therapy

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding massage therapy is if it’s worth the expense? Massage is not just a simple back rub, nor is it just a “luxury” or occasional “treat.” Research tells us that massage therapy is a valuable component of a well-rounded healthcare regimen, combating everything from chronic pain to theContinue reading “More Than A Luxury – The Lifelong Value of Massage Therapy”

Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy

“I was born with music in me.” So said Ray Charles, and I believe it of myself as well. My music is a melody of “fragrant” chords, the essence of plants. They are music for my nose, mind, and spirit. I cannot remember the precise moment when I became aware of my acute ability toContinue reading “Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy”

What am I Feeling? – The Healing Benefits of Massage

Touch. We come into this world being touched, and we hopefully can leave being touched. Whatever our experiences in this life, touch is usually involved in some form. Each time we are touched, the emotions related to that touch are stored in our mind and in our body’s tissues. We not only store the emotionsContinue reading “What am I Feeling? – The Healing Benefits of Massage”

Personal Space – Science supports your need for it

You’ve met the type. They take a step toward you in conversation and you take a step back. They advance in your direction and you inch away. The dance continues until you remember a sudden appointment and run for the door, wondering if you are developing claustrophobia. The answer lies in something social scientists callContinue reading “Personal Space – Science supports your need for it”

Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More

Appreciation for the massage therapy experience has made new inroads with American consumers–one in six American adults sought out massage therapy in 2006–and more men and Midwesterners than ever are getting massaged. Especially encouraging for the future of massage is 62 percent of people aged 21 to 34 have very favorable to somewhat favorable viewsContinue reading “Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More”

Using Massage to Ease the Elderly’s Loneliness

Loneliness Can Find Us All It’s not that she was neglected or abandoned by her family. She hadn’t been cheated out of a full life, and she wasn’t bitter about the cards she’d been dealt. On the contrary, she was a happy, well-loved woman who was full of faith, even after being widowed for moreContinue reading “Using Massage to Ease the Elderly’s Loneliness”