The Energy of Weight – Managing Obesity

National obesity figures are at an all-time high — and growing. Weight is no longer just a personal problem, it’s a national problem requiring immediate attention. In California alone, obesity is costing the state $22 billion per year.1 That’s in California — a state we all imagine being populated with the healthiest people in theContinue reading “The Energy of Weight – Managing Obesity”

Sleep: Have You Had Your Eight Hours?

In 1960, according to a survey of several thousand participants, most Americans got an average of 8-8.9 hours of sleep each night. In 2002, a comparison survey found we now get an average of 6.9-7 hours of sleep each night, and a significant proportion of us get even less on a regular basis.1 Meanwhile, asContinue reading “Sleep: Have You Had Your Eight Hours?”

Do You Need A Massage? – Yes, Of Course!

The short answer is, yes, of course–you need a massage. Who doesn’t? You deal with deadlines, long lines, short tempers, and your dog’s distemper. We’re all at the receiving end of things we would rather not deal with. Massage can be the valve that eases the pressure. Massage therapy is useful for many conditions, inContinue reading “Do You Need A Massage? – Yes, Of Course!”

Seeking Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers – Chasing the Pain Away

Arthritis is an insidious disease, eating its way into the joints of nearly 70 million Americans, or nearly one out of every three U.S. adults. It is considered one of our most prevalent chronic health problems, costing the economy more than $124 billion in healthcare and lost wages each year.1 One of the more unnervingContinue reading “Seeking Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers – Chasing the Pain Away”

Cultivating Wellness – How Does Your Garden Grow?

Cultivating Wellness – How Does Your Garden Grow? When I go into my garden with a spade, and dig a bed, I feel such an exhilaration and health, that I discover I have been defrauding myself all this time in letting others do for me what I should have done with my own hands. —Continue reading “Cultivating Wellness – How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Bodywork for Boomers – The Key to Active Aging

Pointing to the pile at the back door, Steve Levy smiles and says, “My boots are still drying out from the ski trip.” He just returned from two days on Washington’s Mount Adams, which involved parking at 4,600 feet, hiking to 7,200 feet carrying a full pack, a tent, camping gear, and skis, and settingContinue reading “Bodywork for Boomers – The Key to Active Aging”

10 Ways to Help you Feel and Heal

What a long journey from the ancient healing traditions of massage to an hour of blissful care at the spa down the street. Massage has been intertwined for so long with the way we live, work, and play that a history for massage in its own right has emerged only in the last century. InContinue reading “10 Ways to Help you Feel and Heal”

Massage Therapy and Diabetes!

So how does massage therapy come into the picture of diabetes treatment? What are its benefits for the diabetic? What does the diabetic need to know about massage? What does the massage therapist need to know to successfully and safely treat the person with diabetes? Because of my personal experience as a diabetic and asContinue reading “Massage Therapy and Diabetes!”

Awakening the Senses – Rediscovering Ourselves

It is through our bodies that we experience life. It is through our physical self that we can awaken to whom we truly are. How do we do this? Through our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch — each sense is a doorway inviting us to rediscover the pleasure and rewards of being in ourContinue reading “Awakening the Senses – Rediscovering Ourselves”

Nourishing Body and Soul – Healing Our Hunger

My family’s history is one of lack — not of money, food, or possessions — but of self-love. This history has manifested in heart disease and related conditions, as this lack of self-love was compensated for by food, taken in abundance or denied in extreme. Our hearts ached as our bodies became ill, yet weContinue reading “Nourishing Body and Soul – Healing Our Hunger”