Bellanina Facelift Massage

What is the Bellanina Facelift Massage?

At the Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers, we are certified and have several years experience in the Bellanina Facelift Massage system. Please give us a call when you are ready to Glow!

For those of you interested in the Scientific Stuff, please read below  . . .

You probably know how important exercise is to keep your muscles toned, but did you know the same is true of your face?

Few of us have any understanding of our facial muscles, how they work and what part they play in the aging process.

Most anti aging remedies focus on two approaches – anti aging skin care and facial cosmetic surgery.

But working out your facial muscles through facial exercises or facial toners can have a dramatic impact on how you look – you can look younger without facial surgery.

The muscles in your face – properly toned and exercised – can decrease or even reverse the effects of aging.

You may not realize that you have fifty seven muscles in your face that work together to support and maintain your facial features. Face muscles work hard to perform every minor facial movement – from frowning when you get cross to laughing at a joke or chewing your food.

Your facial muscles are a bit like a thin patchwork quilt just below the surface of the skin. This thin layer of muscle is interconnected with bundles of fibres so they work together to give your face life and movement.

The fifty seven face and scalp muscles are attached directly to your facial skin but not to the bones in your face. This is one of the main reasons why your face can so quickly start to betray your age. As muscle mass and tone declines with age you get the sagging face syndrome we all know.

And we’re all familiar with the results:

  • eyelid “hooding” and eyebrow drooping
  • increase in under eye puffiness
  • sagging jawline and development of jowls
  • nasal labial lines (between the lower part of your nose and the corners of your mouth) develop and deepen
  • mouth corners start to turn down
  • chin sags and double chin develops

This may seem like a bit of a depressing list – but don’t despair. The facial sagging which you may have thought was something you had to live with can be vastly improved with facial exercise and facial toning.

So the good news is – Just like working out your body – faces can be given workouts too. And the result can be a younger looking you.


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