While Reiki is the universal life-force energy that makes all living things alive! And, the Reiki master serves as a ‘vehicle’ through which Reiki energy is transmitted to a cellular level for you, the client. ‘Unlimited’ Reiki is both a ‘hands on’ as well as an energetic treatment that works on the physical, then mental, then emotional and then spiritual levels. The Reiki energy-balancing has no limitations, and the outcome is dependent on the willingness of the client to be healed.

Reiki-ssage combines Reiki energy-balancing with therapeutic touch or light massage. This assists in clearing blockages and balancing energy fields and chakras. The frequency of Reiki sets off energetic responses, prompting physical changes. The brain moves to a low cortisol, stress-free state, putting one’s body, mind and spirit in a restorative state. Thus, one experiences improved health and energy with reduced inflammation.
The apparent benefits of Reiki-ssage include:

• Increased energy
• Decreased stress
• Increased inner peace and calm
• Increased circulation
• Increased physical mobility
• Enhanced youthful appearance

Deborah Arneson
– Posted on April 5, 2013 in “Today’s Chicago Woman”


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