Therapeutic Massage

Due to the many acute strains and sprains one may encounter during their daily activities, we wanted to add an additional category for therapeutic massage that incorporates hot and/or cold packs, hot stones or natural analgesic applications.

Our Therapeutic Massage is a full body massage that utilizes the techniques similar to those described in the Classic Swedish massage; however, moist heat packs, hot stones, cold packs or natural analgesics may be applied to aid in the relief of acute or chronic muscle or joint pain. This healing treatment promotes significant pain relief, along with deep relaxation and stress reduction.

70 minute session – $90.00    or    90 minute session – $105.00

The additional charges below do not apply to our Therapeutic Massage:

The addition of hot/cold packs to any massage modality – $5.00    The addition of hot stones to any massage modality – $20.00   The addition of natural analgesics to any massage modality – complimentary


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