Meet Dr. McNabb

Dr. Leilah McNabbLeilah McNabb, PhD., is an inspirational artist, healer, writer, speaker, and coach who empowers clients to live their best lives through the transformative power of energy medicine. Integrating energy healing, divine wisdom, and modern science, Dr. McNabb serves as a catalyst to enable clients to create positive life solutions for ultimate joy and wellness.

Dr. McNabb has been on a lifelong quest to figure out the reasons why people get sick, and to help them to get and stay well. After initially training in drug design, she became frustrated with the large amount of time and money required, as well as the negative side effects of many drugs. She felt that there had to be a better, more holistic approach to wellness. After modifying her diet and seeing many positive changes she decided to return to school to study nutrition.

In the midst of completing her nutrition studies, Dr. McNabb began to feel disheartened that once again she was studying a modality that seemed limited in its approach to wellness. Her intention in studying nutrition was to talk about the benefits of eating whole foods and maintaining a natural lifestyle; however, she found herself in a field that did not seemed aligned with her belief in the power of eating whole, unprocessed foods. Despite this concern, Dr. McNabb knew that she had to complete the nutrition program in order to be a voice for a more integrative and heart-centered approach to wellness.

The final piece of the puzzle, however, fell into place several months later, when Dr. McNabb was introduced to Pranic Healing, a form of energy medicine; she knew she’d found her missing link. Pranic Healing allowed her to express the feminine and intuitive energies that she had suspected were just as important in healing as data and research. Pranic healing, although non-denominational, also acknowledged the role of the Divine in facilitating healing.

Dr. McNabb offers Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy by appointment. She feels very blessed to be able to share these wonderful tools with the world. She holds a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tulane University, an MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a PhD in the Pharmacological Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. She has been trained in Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic healing and Pranic Psychotherapy by Master Stephen Co, and Pranic Crystal Healing by Senior Certified Pranic Healer Kim Fantini. She has also authored several peer-reviewed publications and has conducted research at the Mayo Clinic and worked at Harvard Medical School. For more information please contact her at or 708 937-5505.


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