Massage. What’s in it for You? Everything!

It could be that ache in your back, or that pain in your hip. It could be what the doctor prescribes for your postsurgical recovery. It could be because your 10 work deadlines, five appointments, and three kids’ soccer games have just about put you over the edge this week. There are many reasons youContinue reading “Massage. What’s in it for You? Everything!”

Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More

Appreciation for the massage therapy experience has made new inroads with American consumers–one in six American adults sought out massage therapy in 2006–and more men and Midwesterners than ever are getting massaged. Especially encouraging for the future of massage is 62 percent of people aged 21 to 34 have very favorable to somewhat favorable viewsContinue reading “Why Americans Seek Massage – And What Keeps Them from Getting More”