Wheels of Light – Clearing, Balancing & Connecting Chakras

If you’ve never felt energy before, this is a good place to start. Rub your hands vigorously and firmly together until some heat is generated. Then, as if you were washing your hands, spread the warmth of this hot qi (energy) over the backs of the hands and the fingers. Close your eyes and allowContinue reading “Wheels of Light – Clearing, Balancing & Connecting Chakras”

A Body Map of the Chakras

I always preface any discussion of body maps with this dictum above by linguistic philosopher Alfred Korzybski. We rely on maps to find things and to get us where we’re going, and we have the expectation that what a map tells us is “true.” Maps are only partial truths, but they are useful tools nonetheless.Continue reading “A Body Map of the Chakras”