Do You Need A Massage? Yes, Of Course

The short answer is, yes, of course–you need a massage. Who doesn’t? You deal with deadlines, long lines, short tempers, and your dog’s distemper. We’re all at the receiving end of things we would rather not deal with. Massage can be the valve that eases the pressure. Massage therapy is useful for many conditions, inContinue reading “Do You Need A Massage? Yes, Of Course”

Redesigning Movement – Can You Change? Part 4 – Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is known as lateral epicondylitis or more simply, tendonitis. It is inflammation of the tendon attachment to the humerus. The pain involved usually begins at the outside of the elbow and can radiate down the arm and in severe cases, to the hand. Most commonly, pain and sometimes weakness is brought on byContinue reading “Redesigning Movement – Can You Change? Part 4 – Tennis Elbow”