Energy Work – Energy Healing

Energy healing is often discussed as a new, somewhat unexplainable therapy. Truth is, energy work is an effective bodywork that is as ancient as healing itself. The body is, after all, bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, called the body’s natural capacity to heal itself vis medicatrix naturae —Continue reading “Energy Work – Energy Healing”

Herbs & Aromatherapy for Pain

Pain is an unpleasant reality for many people. From the healthiest to the unhealthiest, we all find ourselves in pain’s grip at one time or another. Whether your pain is self-inflicted from exuberant weekend warrior syndrome, brought on by the stresses of today’s world, or a symptom of serious disease or physical states, there areContinue reading “Herbs & Aromatherapy for Pain”

Massage, Science, and Your Health – A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Weil

Noted physician Andrew Weil, MD, author of Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine that Can Transform Our Future (Hudson Street Press, 2009) and a longtime proponent of integrative medicine, had a chance to sit down with Body Sense magazine to discuss the science behind massage and other effective complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)Continue reading “Massage, Science, and Your Health – A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Weil”

Caring for Body and Soul – Reconsidering Spiritual Well-Being

Fitness is an important part of our lives and of our well-being, both physical and mental, and many Westerners are reconsidering spiritual fitness. In most Eastern approaches to health, spiritual well-being is intimately connected to one’s overall health at every level and to the world around us. As bodyworkers, we touch this truth daily–in ourContinue reading “Caring for Body and Soul – Reconsidering Spiritual Well-Being”

Letting Go – Pain is Natural; Suffering is Optional

“If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.”1 — Ajahn Chah Many difficulties begin to fall away as we learn to loosen our grip on the perception ofContinue reading “Letting Go – Pain is Natural; Suffering is Optional”

Why is the Science of Psychology important for Spas │ The Science of Wellbeing

My colleagues in the spa industry sometimes ask me why I focus so much on the science of psychology.  In fact, people often assume that if I am studying psychology I must be preparing myself to leave the world of spas.  The connection between spas and psychology does not seem to be clear at firstContinue reading “Why is the Science of Psychology important for Spas │ The Science of Wellbeing”

The Lactic Acid Debate – somatic research

True or false: massage after exercise assists in the removal of lactic acid. Answer: false. The research overwhelming refutes this commonly held and frequently exclaimed belief. The lactic acid debate has raged for a century, and for the past two decades the research consistently demonstrates that blood lactate will return to normal within 20-60 minutesContinue reading “The Lactic Acid Debate – somatic research”

Exercise Do’s and Don’ts When Feeling Ill – How to Help–Not Hinder–the Healing Process

Most people get hit with allergies, colds and other minor ailments throughout the year, and when they do, the issue of exercise often arises. Should you skip exercise altogether until the bout passes? Or should you tell your trainer you need to work extra hard to build up your immunity? Or, conversely, should you shiftContinue reading “Exercise Do’s and Don’ts When Feeling Ill – How to Help–Not Hinder–the Healing Process”

A Pilgrim in Your Body – Energy Healing and the Spiritual Process

Whether you use energy work as part of your personal practice or as a healing modality in your work with others, it can evoke changes in consciousness and perspective that are best understood in the context of the human spiritual journey. At its core, energy work–basically, anything you do in a knowledgeable and purposeful wayContinue reading “A Pilgrim in Your Body – Energy Healing and the Spiritual Process”

Healing Touch for Animals – Energy Work for Our Companions

For my friend, Amber, a Gifted Animal Healer — I didn’t know other people couldn’t see energy until I was 30 years old,” says Carol Komitor, creator of Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and the Komitor Healing Method. This extraordinary ability to see energy fields has allowed her to help many people and pets, includingContinue reading “Healing Touch for Animals – Energy Work for Our Companions”