Incensed with fear? 10 Aromatherapy oils for Emotional Transformation

In ancient times, physicians used the sense of smell as a diagnostic tool. They knew that particular diseases caused particular smells or odor changes in the body. Arthritis and rheumatism carry an acid smell, diabetes has an acetone smell in the urine, perspiration odors can tell about the functioning of kidneys, while the odor ofContinue reading “Incensed with fear? 10 Aromatherapy oils for Emotional Transformation”

Integrating Aroma – Cautions and Considerations

In the past few years there has been a seeming explosion of interest in aromatherapy. From scented candles, incense, air fresheners, and potpourri to organic essential oils and massage and skin care products, the consumer is presented with a vast array of aromas to tease the sense of smell. Some of these products are marketedContinue reading “Integrating Aroma – Cautions and Considerations”

Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy

“I was born with music in me.” So said Ray Charles, and I believe it of myself as well. My music is a melody of “fragrant” chords, the essence of plants. They are music for my nose, mind, and spirit. I cannot remember the precise moment when I became aware of my acute ability toContinue reading “Natural Scent Therapy – How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy”