Spa Parties – Indulge in Well-being

Instead of hosting a get-together where guests are checking their watches, throw one that will have them begging to stay. One surefire way to spoil them is with a spa party. Imagine inviting 10 to 15 of your closest friends to experience a luxurious day of pampering at a day spa, or even having themContinue reading “Spa Parties – Indulge in Well-being”

Winter Skin Care – Smoothly Surviving the Season

The winter season brings with it cooler temperatures and drier air, which can lead to skin dehydration, formation of fine lines and loss of nutrients. Incorporating some specific face and body treatments into your weekly regimen can help to combat these skin concerns. These seasonal treatments can assist in rebalancing the skin, as well asContinue reading “Winter Skin Care – Smoothly Surviving the Season”

The Wellness Factor in Spas – An Ounce of Prevention

Americans have a new perspective on health. Rather than waiting for illness to strike, more of us are taking steps to prevent it. The holistic approach to wellness is about enabling the body to heal itself and maintain homeostasis, and nowhere has that concept been more appropriately implemented than in wellness centers. These facilities comeContinue reading “The Wellness Factor in Spas – An Ounce of Prevention”