Advice on Looking Adversity Straight in the Eye

Be prepared for adversity by looking it straight in the eye and believing in yourself—no matter how difficult life becomes. I recently met with a national sales executive in one of my corporate coaching sessions. I could sense his defeat as he told me, “No one is buying. We have been creative and aggressive inContinue reading “Advice on Looking Adversity Straight in the Eye”

Breathe Into Your Massage – As You Tune Into Your Breath, Notice Your Body

Elaine was having trouble relaxing. And while I don’t command my clients to relax, I found her constant talking distracting. As the session continued, her body grew more tense, not because she was in pain, but because she was talking about all of the stressors in her life. I felt the frustration rising in myContinue reading “Breathe Into Your Massage – As You Tune Into Your Breath, Notice Your Body”

The Body-Mind Connection: Part Two

Heal the mind, heal the body. Heal the body, heal the mind. The first step toward healing your body and your mind is literally at your fingertips: your fork and spoon. These are the most powerful tools you have to change your physical and mental health. Food is more than just fuel for your bodyContinue reading “The Body-Mind Connection: Part Two”