The Roots of Disharmony – Part 2 – Emotional & Lifestyle Factors

Emotions, of themselves, are not a problem. Everyone experiences a range of emotional feeling throughout their lives: Sadness, anger, joy, worry and so forth. They are a natural part of our embodied experience and a normal response to our environment. They are neither positive nor negative. They only become problematic when they are notably intenseContinue reading “The Roots of Disharmony – Part 2 – Emotional & Lifestyle Factors”

The Roots of Disharmony – Part 1 – The Six Excesses

The point of healing is to re-establish, and to help maintain, harmony. Balance, after all, is the normative state. According to Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), the natural condition is the intricate and graceful dance whereby Yin and Yang, Blood and Qi, and the organs and the channels complement, support and counterbalance one another. It isContinue reading “The Roots of Disharmony – Part 1 – The Six Excesses”

The Ancient Art of Achieving Balance

When you think about protection, what do you think? Car insurance, health insurance, home insurance? Being physically strong and well-trained? Regular check-ups, vitamins, herbal preparations? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and qigong meditation, the focus is on the balance of qi (chi) or vital energy — not just our own personal energy, but also theContinue reading “The Ancient Art of Achieving Balance”

Element Energy Tune-Up – Quick Tips to Balance the Body and Mind

Unseen energy flows throughout our bodies. These energy flows are the basis for China‘s acupuncture and India‘s ayurvedic medical systems. Randolph Stone, an osteopathic physician, explored these energy systems in the early 20th century, ultimately developing his own understanding of human energy in health and illness. Called polarity therapy, this system identifies five major energyContinue reading “Element Energy Tune-Up – Quick Tips to Balance the Body and Mind”

Waves of Energy – Taikyo Shiatsu

Ping Lee’s training as an engineer comes in handy when he’s explaining the concept of energy. “Conceptualize the word air,” he says. “The Chinese have a lot of expressions with the word air. It sounds insignificant, so when you say something is air, what type of thing is it? Can you picture a steam locomotive,Continue reading “Waves of Energy – Taikyo Shiatsu”