Craniosacral Therapy – Accessing The Healer Within

It’s no secret that proper nutrition, exercise, and living a low-stress lifestyle are among the keys to good health and longevity. If we pay close attention to these three cornerstones of our health, our body will reward us with vitality and well-being. Amazingly, even when our body gets a little out of balance–a sore tennisContinue reading “Craniosacral Therapy – Accessing The Healer Within”

Redesigning Movement – Can You Change? Part 4 – Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is known as lateral epicondylitis or more simply, tendonitis. It is inflammation of the tendon attachment to the humerus. The pain involved usually begins at the outside of the elbow and can radiate down the arm and in severe cases, to the hand. Most commonly, pain and sometimes weakness is brought on byContinue reading “Redesigning Movement – Can You Change? Part 4 – Tennis Elbow”