Grief and Degrief, Part 3 – The Art of Holding Space: Degriefing from the Therapist’s Perspective

“Grief is the most available, untapped emotional resource for personal transformation.” Holding space is one of those phrases that evokes furrowed brows and quizzical expressions from the uninitiated. Like comedian George Carlin‘s popularized use of such oxymorons as “jumbo shrimp” and “military intelligence,” holding space presents its own contradictory challenges in the world of griefContinue reading “Grief and Degrief, Part 3 – The Art of Holding Space: Degriefing from the Therapist’s Perspective”

A Global Guide to Healthy Drinks

Recently, spas have been trending toward beverages with a variety of healing properties, including the ability to flush out bodily toxins, increase blood flow, and provide energy. Perhaps most interesting, these drinks are worldly concoctions and bring with them mystical qualities from the global regions in which they originate. Javanese jamu, ayurvedic tea from India,Continue reading “A Global Guide to Healthy Drinks”

The Happiest Person In America—Could It Be You?

I think we’d all like to be happier, especially in times of stress. Sometimes we may look at others who seem to have it all figured out, or just seem to be happy most of the time, and perhaps wonder what they do to stay happy, when there are so many stressors in life. Apparently,Continue reading “The Happiest Person In America—Could It Be You?”

9 Things No One Wants to Regret When They’re Older

The things you didn’t do when you had the chance.  That priceless relationship you neglected.  Those important words you left unspoken… Every one of us has experienced feelings of regret.  But it’s not too late to set things straight.  We’re still here breathing.  Right now we have an opportunity to change our future.  Right nowContinue reading “9 Things No One Wants to Regret When They’re Older”

Spa Parties – Indulge in Well-being

Instead of hosting a get-together where guests are checking their watches, throw one that will have them begging to stay. One surefire way to spoil them is with a spa party. Imagine inviting 10 to 15 of your closest friends to experience a luxurious day of pampering at a day spa, or even having themContinue reading “Spa Parties – Indulge in Well-being”

20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

Family isn’t always blood.  They’re the people in your life who appreciate having you in theirs – the ones who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways, and who not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be.  These people – your real family –Continue reading “20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships”

Synchronicity – The phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences!

What if I told you that this blog was written especially for you? Would you believe me? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s okay, we’ve only just met. But here’s the thing: I know that right now, in this moment, by some miracle, of all the places you could be and of all the things you couldContinue reading “Synchronicity – The phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences!”

How To Adopt A Can-Do Attitude

Some time ago I was on my way to Salt Lake City. While thumbing through the in-flight magazine I saw an ad for the Special Olympics. In the middle of the page was the picture of an athlete going over the bar in the high jump. Above the photo the caption read, “There were a fewContinue reading “How To Adopt A Can-Do Attitude”

This for That – A modern look at bartering

Before money existed, the first Americans bartered for all of their necessities. Tobacco, corn, pelts, and beads–these goods were the Native Americans’ currency, which they traded for European goods of equal value. Because our nation was built on the principles of barter–the exchange of goods and services–business sectors have historically used barter to replace moneyContinue reading “This for That – A modern look at bartering”

Five Signals that Your Full Potential is Calling

The greatest opportunity we have in life is discovering what we’re meant to do—and then doing it. For me, there’s no greater feeling than being awake, alive, and impassioned, fearlessly contributing my gifts to the world so that in every step I take forward, others take a step forward too. I help people claim theContinue reading “Five Signals that Your Full Potential is Calling”