Our language reflects our consciousness like a pure mirror.

The words we use, the exclamations, the metaphors and similes all indicate the vibrational space from which we inhabit and create. Traffic today was a bitch! I’m going to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ Listen to the vibration of your words and phrases. Is it possible to live from a truth of equality ifContinue reading “Our language reflects our consciousness like a pure mirror.”

The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

  MOTIVATION You run the 5k to lose weight, stay in shape, raise money for cancer. Maybe to prove something. It’s on your bucket list. You made a bet. Only ten pounds to go. Achievement is thrilling. All fine reasons. INSPIRATION The runner’s high. My body simply has to run. When I run, I feelContinue reading “The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration”

Put Your Talents To Use

We already have a hard time remembering how our lives were before going indie. What we do remember is spending plenty of time in tall buildings, sitting at desks, and making slides like the world depended on it. Every other year a title would change, a salary would rise, and our motivation would…plunge. Then oneContinue reading “Put Your Talents To Use”

Five Signals that Your Full Potential is Calling

The greatest opportunity we have in life is discovering what we’re meant to do—and then doing it. For me, there’s no greater feeling than being awake, alive, and impassioned, fearlessly contributing my gifts to the world so that in every step I take forward, others take a step forward too. I help people claim theContinue reading “Five Signals that Your Full Potential is Calling”