Using Feng Shui in Massage – The Power of Place

The power and importance of place often goes unrecognized. For a moment, close your eyes and imagine receiving your ideal massage. If it could be anywhere, where would it be? What would that place look like? How would it smell? What would you hear there? How would you feel in this space? Environment is butContinue reading “Using Feng Shui in Massage – The Power of Place”

The Roots of Disharmony – Part 1 – The Six Excesses

The point of healing is to re-establish, and to help maintain, harmony. Balance, after all, is the normative state. According to Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), the natural condition is the intricate and graceful dance whereby Yin and Yang, Blood and Qi, and the organs and the channels complement, support and counterbalance one another. It isContinue reading “The Roots of Disharmony – Part 1 – The Six Excesses”