STRESS: What is it and what we can do about it . . .

Please click here for your “EAT WELL GUIDE” to local sustainable farms, gardens, co-ops, etc. in your area.


http://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/GMObrochure.pdf    (Non-GMO Food Shopping Guide)

Many people strive to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit so that they will live a long and happy life. But in order to reach this goal, they must get rid of unhealthy habits that do nothing for them – eating genetically engineered (GE) foods, processed foods, and fructose-loaded drinks, living a sedentary lifestyle, and not getting enough high-quality sleep are just a few examples.

The secret to longevity is living a holistic, drug- and disease-free life. This useful infographic provides you with 11 basic tenets of good health – timeless natural guidelines that will help you keep your mind and body resilient, so that you can avoid illnesses and live a long and fulfilled life. Share this information with your loved ones, and encourage them to take control of their health. The following link will provide you with excellent Holistic Health tips. Enjoy!



Millions of Americans struggle with painful conditions: chronic headaches, back pain, and arthritis, to name a few. This led to the birth of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, which have been prescribed over a million times worldwide. While these anti-inflammatory drugs are promoted to help individuals deal with pain, they are actually among the most dangerous drugs on the market, causing disorders from gastrointestinal complications and pregnancy problems to heart failure.

This infographic shows the most common NSAIDs and their corresponding side effects. Read and share this information to your loved ones, and save them a world of pain.



High-intensity exercise can reap numerous health benefits, and combining it with intermittent fasting takes your fitness up a notch. Properly done, intermittent fasting will enhance your metabolism, fat-burning, and human growth hormone (HGH) production.

There are many considerations to remember when you exercise in a fasted state. This infographic on intermittent fasting provides a recommended schedule and eating to follow, as well as other fasting tips to use.


Please Read the following link to learn more about THE HAZARDS OF SUGAR

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