Our 2019 Wellness Rx For You!!

Happy New Year 2018

Wellness includes feelings of self-worth and a belief that change is possible. Let’s see how you are feeling about your life today, as the countdown to 2019 begins. Please click the following link and take the short quiz to find out http://www.positivityratio.com/single.php

As we embark on our Wellness Journey for 2019, let us do so with a renewed vigor, passion and determination.  Let us do so Holistically from an emotional, physical and spiritual place that will enable us to live a life filled with meaning, purpose, happiness and ultimate Holistic Wellness.

What are your Holistic Wellness intentions or goals for 2019?  Do they relate to Career, Money, Health Challenges, Weight Control, Personal Relationships, or do you just want to feel good about your life and the journey that you currently travel.

We believe that this is your year to realize those intentions and reach those goals.  We believe that this is your year to become aware of your choices towards a more successful existence. We believe that this is your year to identify the reasons that you are not happy or making healthy choices and working towards eliminating those obstacles, while also creating new habits and opportunities that move you toward the ideal life that you desire.

Beginning this January and throughout the year, please join us as we share with you many life-affirming articles, information and workshops that will assist you on your journey towards Holistic Wellness. Let us begin 2019 with the understanding that there “Is Scientific Proof That We Can Heal Ourselves” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWQfe__fNbs&sns=em

After all . . .

Wellness is a choice, a way of life, a process, an efficient channeling of energy, an integration of mind, body, spirit and a loving acceptance of self    –  John Travis

Do Nothing Go Forward

Remember that on your Journey – as you Strive towards your Goals – Believe in Yourself, Your Abilities and your Talents – and you will Achieve your Dreams!

To Your Holistic Health!™ – Dr. Z. Faith Darby, BCND, BC-CAHP, LMT, RMT, Ch.T

Let’s Make 2019 Extraordinary!!



About hofholistichealingcenters

We customize your experience based your personal needs. Whether you require Naturopathic assessment, support and care, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Health & Wellness coaching, or a combination of services, we invite you to call and schedule your transformation of Mind, Body & Spirit.
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