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Our 2017 Wellness Rx For You!!

Wellness includes feelings of self-worth and a belief that change is possible. Let’s see how you are feeling about your life today, as the countdown to 2017 begins. Please click the following link and take the short quiz to find … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Frequent Massage A Powerful Health Ally

As I often see people in the grocery store using their carts as a lower back pain relief tools, I just had to Blog post this article published today on Massagetherapy.com There’s no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of … Continue reading

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Massage as a Wellness Strategy – Partnering with Your Therapist Key to Best Results

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Every now and then we all need a special treat. Here are some of my favorite indulgences, and I’ll go out on a limb to suggest that I’m probably not alone on some of these: – A big piece of … Continue reading

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Back, Neck and Shoulders: Under Pressure – Quick Massage Pick-Me-Ups while Sitting at a Desk

  When you sit at a desk, hunched over papers or a computer, your body tends to form a C shape. This slumped posture creates pressure on your back, neck and shoulders and can cause pinched muscles, fatigue and, if … Continue reading

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Innate Health – A New Way to Look at Life and Avoid Burnout

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Massage therapy and prevention research are both professions assisting others to higher health. Fortunately for us, insights from prevention research–a field that attempts to identify the best ways to prevent negative outcomes related to social, physical, mental health, and safety … Continue reading

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Our Wellness Rx for 2012

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This brand New Year gives us the opportunity to begin anew in many ways.  From a holistic perspective we like to take the opportunity to renew our mind, body and spirit. “Don’t live in the past, thinking about mistakes or … Continue reading

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More Than A Luxury – The Lifelong Value of Massage Therapy

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One of the most frequently asked questions regarding massage therapy is if it’s worth the expense? Massage is not just a simple back rub, nor is it just a “luxury” or occasional “treat.” Research tells us that massage therapy is … Continue reading

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Cultivating Diversity – Spreading The Bodywork Message To Minorities

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Victoria Robertson, a Boulder, Colorado, based certified massage therapist and until recently head of a massage school in nearby Broomfield, took a look at her students and noticed how very much they resembled her massage clients: mostly female, mostly middle … Continue reading

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Holiday Stress – Tips to Stay On Top

Here “it” comes — holiday stress. As families negotiate where to spend Thanksgiving, and millions of us are making the empty promise to ourselves to start early on holiday shopping, the anxiety begins to build. And it only gets crazier … Continue reading

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Dimensions of Holistic Massage – Beyond the Nuts and Bolts of Swedish, Part I

For modern-day massage therapists, the concept of holistic massage may seem very 21st century. Yet, for millennia, healing bodywork was intended to balance the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies. Just as ancient medical bodies of knowledge incorporated a … Continue reading

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